Getting to Queen City Escape

Finding our location should be easy. Getting out of our rooms is the real challenge.

225 Louisiana St, Buffalo, NY 14204

And fear not, there is parking. On the corner of Louisiana and O’Connell there’s a parking lot, right across the street from our location (look for the blinking yellow light). You’ll be able to see our door from the parking lot. And it tends to get windy, so don’t get blown away.

After arriving, enter the door facing the street.  If for some reason the door is locked, don’t panic.  Call us and we’ll let you in (the outside door may be locked after business hours).  Once inside the building, take a sharp left as soon as you get inside and you’ll have found us.

Refreshments will be available for you in our lobby. And, all rooms are air-conditioned.


Coming from the North: Head down the 190 South and take the Louisiana Street Exit. Turn left onto Louisiana Street and continue down to the blinking traffic light at the corner of Louisiana Street and O’Connell. Queen City Escape will be on your right and the parking lot will be on your left.

Coming from the South: Head up the 190 North to the Hamburg Street Exit. Turn right off of the exit onto Hamburg Street. Take Hamburg Street all the way down to O’Connell and hang a right. Then take O’Connell all the way down to the blinking traffic light. Queen City Escape will be on your left and the parking lot will be on your right.

If you have additional questions, see our FAQ‘s or head on over to our Facebook page!

Queen City Escape 22 Louisiana St. Buffalo NY 14204

Think you can escape?