Escape Room FAQ’s

All about our live-action escape rooms

“What is Queen City Escape?”

We’re a locally owned, live-action, escape room adventure! An escape the room game where you must use your powers of observation and critical thinking to solve a series of puzzles and riddles in order to find the “key” to escape!

“Why is ‘key’ in quotation marks?”

Because, the “key” to escaping the room isn’t always the traditional small piece of shaped metal … Sometimes, it’s something else entirely.

“Are we really locked inside the room?”

For the sake of adventure we pretend the door is locked. However, the door will always remain unlocked in case of emergency. Keep in mind, once you exit the room, you forfeit the game, and there is no re-entry.

“What if we don’t escape in time?”

You’re locked in the room forever!

“Oh no!”

Jk. We’ll let you out, tell you how close you came to escaping, and walk through the remaining puzzles.

“How many people can play?”

Our rooms can hold up to 8 players. However, if you have a slightly larger group, contact us and we can boost it up to 10.

“Will there be strangers in the room?”

Only if you bring them with you. Booked rooms are always your private party.

“How many tickets do I need to purchase?”

Sunday thru Thursday, we accept bookings of 2-8. Friday and Saturday bookings of 4-8.

“When are you open and how much does it cost?”

Hours are:

  • Monday thru Thursday 4:30pm-9pm
  • Friday, Saturday, and Sunday 1:30pm-10:30pm

Tickets are $25 for adults and $18 for children 12 and under.

To make an appointment for a time not listed contact us through our contact page or give us a call at: 716.208.9695.

“How do I book? Should I book in advance?”

Time slots go fast. Booking in advance is the best choice. Click the “Book Now” button below to find availabilities or call us at: 716.208.9695.

“Can I bring my phone/belongings in the room?”

Yes. We encourage selfies, just no spoilers. #NoSpoilers

“What if we can’t solve a puzzle?”

Ask for a clue! We don’t limit clues and we won’t dock your time. It’s your game, so clues are entirely up to you. Try it with no clues, or ask for one when you’re feeling stuck.

“Do you have Air Conditioning/AC?”

We do! We want to make sure you keep cool while puzzle-solving (we also have heat).

“Is alcohol allowed?”

Nope. You’ll want your complete wits about you. Also, you will not be admitted if you are clearly intoxicated and/or carrying alcohol.

“What should we bring with?”

Your thinking hats! These puzzles will challenge your critical thinking and observation. And remember, most puzzles are solved as a team! Make sure to communicate and bounce ideas off each other.

 “How long is the game?”

The game itself is an hour long, however, plan on being here for at least 90 minutes. 15 minutes before your scheduled time to go through the rules and regulations, 60 minutes to escape the room, and 15 minutes to go through the room after the game is over.

“Where are you located?”

We are located in Buffalo’s Historic First Ward at 225 Louisiana Street (entrance on O’Connell), nestled in a building that includes artists’ and photography studios – making it the perfect place to get the creative juices flowing. Check our Location page for more details.

“What if I need to cancel?”

All sales are final. However, if you give us 48 hours notice, we will reschedule your game for another time that works best for you.

“What is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow?”

What do you mean? An African or European swallow?

“Huh? I don’t know that. Auuuuuuuugh.”

“How many escape rooms do you have?”

We currently have three escape rooms. The first is our 7 Wonders Heist.

7 Wonders Heist

The second is our Gumshoe Mystery.

Gumshoe Mystery

And the third is our Strange Escape!

Strange Escape

“Do you sell Gift Certificates?”

We certainly do. They’re great for any occasion. Click here.

“I wanna win stuff!”

Okay, that’s not so much a question as it is a demand, but if you want a chance to win free tickets and prizes head over to our Facebook page. We post a Mystery Monday every Monday at 10am, where we give you the chance to win discounts by answering a puzzler. Only correct answers that are submitted before midnight can be entered into the random drawing.

What if I want to personalize my escape room experience? Perhaps surprise the birthday boy or girl? Maybe find out if I’m having a boy or a girl? Even ask someone to marry me?!

Here’s how you can personalize your experience:

  1. Receive a video of the experience (note: video is silent security footage). $50
  2. Provide personal photos that we will hide around the room. $25
  3. Provide personal gifts that we incorporate into puzzles around the room. $50

Get the personalized package (all three listed above) for only $100. Call 716.208.9695 to personalize your adventure!

Think you can escape?